Cristiano Ronaldo Hat-Trick! | Manchester United 3-2 Norwich | Highlights

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Manchester United

Manchester United

5 ай бұрын

Relive United's 3-2 win over Norwich at Old Trafford, as Cristiano Ronaldo's hat-trick helped us get back to winning ways in the Premier League.
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Abhaydeep Singh
Abhaydeep Singh 5 ай бұрын
What a free kick by Ronaldo. 810 goals and 60th overall hattrick.
mancityleomessithegoat1030 4 ай бұрын
@Sd10 so messi or ronaldo?
Sd10 4 ай бұрын
@mancityleomessithegoat1030 Goals aren't always the game bro Messi is still a better performer according to Stats Don't be foolish to go blindly behind the Goals..
moosy 5 ай бұрын
Ethan Abrahams
Ethan Abrahams 5 ай бұрын
@MuhammadOnlyFans bro😂
Jordan S
Jordan S 5 ай бұрын
I don't know why there is even a debate... CR7 is the greatest of all time.
Mauro Noriega
Mauro Noriega 4 күн бұрын
@Eunice Siu
Eunice 4 күн бұрын
GNA 6 күн бұрын
Hahahahahhahahaa .. just touch in goals
Mauro Noriega
Mauro Noriega 17 күн бұрын
@Rick 🏳️‍🌈⃠ avhahahaahhaha
Himanshu Gautam
Himanshu Gautam 18 күн бұрын
Ok kid 💀💀
anfeild8 5 ай бұрын
Condolences to Ronaldo and family at this difficult time.
Anurag_Editz 3 ай бұрын
@Diederik nope bro it passed away just while pregnantel inside geo's body.
Diederik 4 ай бұрын
@mou that’s terrible.
mou 5 ай бұрын
@SS GAMING yea a couple weeks after
SS GAMING 5 ай бұрын
@mou after birth?
mou 5 ай бұрын
@emin777 his baby boy who was born recently passed away
TECH ALMIGHTY 5 ай бұрын
Ronaldo's freekick brings back a lot of memories, what a legend he is.
Dazai 5 ай бұрын
M4A1 23 күн бұрын
El batipibe
Sd10 4 ай бұрын
Yeah Goat Messigician
Frank Dei
Frank Dei 5 ай бұрын
That save from De Gea at 2-2, was just as priceless as CR7's hattrick
Sd10 4 ай бұрын
@Feranmi a Lil bit maybe
Sd10 4 ай бұрын
@PSG true bro Maguire should change his position
ℍ𝕪𝕡𝕖𝕣𝕝𝕠𝕝𝕒𝕟 5 ай бұрын
Messi 🐐
azam munir
azam munir 5 ай бұрын
See howaguite defend ???
Momo 5 ай бұрын
@¡Visca Barça y visca Catalunya! 💙❤ mbappe is saving messi's career messi just gives him the ball he dribble past three players and scores and bam assist for messi.
luis fernandes
luis fernandes 5 ай бұрын
What a player , incredible , just The best ever!
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo 5 ай бұрын
He is a true definition of what human body is capable of doing🔥
jeeson antony
jeeson antony 5 ай бұрын
The man who shows nothing is impossible 🔥🔥🔥🔥
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo 5 ай бұрын
This man will forever be my greatest football legend
Korede John
Korede John 5 ай бұрын
It was a poor performance from the team in overall terms but this man steps up and saves us yet again at 37!! There's no other player like Ronaldo 🐐
Timmy Ggz tv
Timmy Ggz tv 5 ай бұрын
Ronaldo the🐐
Leone Narwani
Leone Narwani 5 ай бұрын
It's Norwich, you talking like it's Liverpool or city 😂
Nath Mak
Nath Mak 5 ай бұрын
@ Korede John what’s united waiting for to change that defence? Look how they concede goals
Ayodele Emmanuel
Ayodele Emmanuel 5 ай бұрын
@Shab Elijsg I mean that’s his job... It’s not like he didn’t concede or like he gave a star man performance
Shehryar Asghar
Shehryar Asghar 5 ай бұрын
This is true and I respect ☺
Xavier 5 ай бұрын
Condolences to Ronaldo and family at this difficult time.
No One
No One 4 ай бұрын
Xavier finally I found you😂
Lila lila lila🌹
Lila lila lila🌹 5 ай бұрын
@Agence Externe أهدر بالعربية
Agence Externe
Agence Externe 5 ай бұрын
@Lila lila lila🌹 oui! Une mauvaise imitation avec deux pieds gauche!😉
Lila lila lila🌹
Lila lila lila🌹 5 ай бұрын
@Agence Externe مجرد تقليد عن رونالدو😏😎🥱
Agence Externe
Agence Externe 5 ай бұрын
@BOCIL X TYZ qui est Messi?
Daniel Garay
Daniel Garay 5 ай бұрын
CRISTIANO ESTA JOVEN, y físicamente y mentalmente volverá a ser el mejor jugador del mundo y ganará otro trofeo, con calidad, bien ganado
💗كــــــيـــــــم ســــــانـــــا 💗
💗كــــــيـــــــم ســــــانـــــا 💗 5 ай бұрын
Eu amo Cristiano Ronaldo 😍♥
Alberto Montano
Alberto Montano 5 ай бұрын
The greatest all around striker ever. I'm saying that as a huge Brazilian fan and Ronaldo9 fan. Someone who believes R9 is on the Mt Rushmore. If Cristiano had even one World Cup, the argument couldn't even be had anymore...he'd be the greatest. Hard to say he isn't even without one
pirates 5 ай бұрын
His reaction after the free kick goal proves how important that free kick is for him.
Sd10 4 ай бұрын
I pray for those 3 guys especially Rashford who ducked when Ronaldo took the freekick, to always do the same If there didn't, they would have died and there would have been Noone to carry Ronaldo...
tiffa 01
tiffa 01 5 ай бұрын
Me me me . And he's the 2nd best Ronaldo anyway
Classic Rohan 5555 5 Manchester United Fan 🔴⚪
Classic Rohan 5555 5 Manchester United Fan 🔴⚪ 5 ай бұрын
Wasn't the best free kick in the world tho was it
Noah Chometa
Noah Chometa 5 ай бұрын
@fahd khaldoun cristiano has 60
DGC 5 ай бұрын
Because he loves hattricks ;);)
edward danso
edward danso 5 ай бұрын
I just love him he's hard trainer and always determined that
Bringing Luxury
Bringing Luxury 5 ай бұрын
the freekick only went in because maguire crouched..... HE IS THE GOAT.
Sãlåh_dìñ bhät
Sãlåh_dìñ bhät 2 ай бұрын
Man such a legend one of the greatest ever ❤️ my forever most favourite footballer. At this age he is still scoring, i don't know why people still hate him for no reason...
Carlos Freitas
Carlos Freitas 5 ай бұрын
Marcou 3 golos deu a vitória e agora já é bom marcador
LR_jin_mori 5 ай бұрын
Back in the premier league after 12yrs, at the age of 37....37! Let it sink in, he's got two hattricks now. The 🐐
Solaafg 5 ай бұрын
@Lucifer † He us better than any 27 years old at their peak. He’s expected to play and he plays the best, premier league is not a marriage Buerau where age might matter lol
Pratham Gaikwad
Pratham Gaikwad 5 ай бұрын
@Grizzlies the irony💀
Grizzlies 5 ай бұрын
@Agan Braganca that’s why he stays in the box lol
Fish Juice
Fish Juice 5 ай бұрын
@Agan Braganca bros a defender tho
Rizki Surya
Rizki Surya 5 ай бұрын
@Agan Braganca he is a defender, they dont need to run faster than a striker, a striker must have a lot of skills and more stamina , for example, if u do the counter attack, strikers must be smart to looking for a space and run faster to score a goal
Arun Naduviledath
Arun Naduviledath 5 ай бұрын
A legend of United.. a legend at Madrid.. to be legends at two greatest clubs..... one of the greatest ever
Aniruddh Kanak
Aniruddh Kanak 4 ай бұрын
I watch this hatrick almost every day man. And makes me realise that iam very grateful that I'm his fan. Forever goat 🐐
Oaktree 313
Oaktree 313 27 күн бұрын
Everytime I see Ronaldo hatrick I think it's a recent game I just love when he's on form
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy 5 ай бұрын
He is a true definition of what human body is capable of doing🔥
What a free kick by Ronaldo. 810 goals and 60th overall hattrick.😍
Julker Taou
Julker Taou 5 ай бұрын
How many matches?
Shubham Vatsa
Shubham Vatsa 5 ай бұрын
30 of them before 30 and 30 after 30 👏
Sabu Shrestha
Sabu Shrestha 5 ай бұрын
Rd@Koilpillai Devavaram
Hanif Khairi
Hanif Khairi 5 ай бұрын
@Ddken93 on his backyards
mikoy huio
mikoy huio 5 ай бұрын
He is a true definition of what human body is capable of doing🔥
He is a real legend 💥🤩❤❤❤
Daniel Garay
Daniel Garay 5 ай бұрын
Ronaldo el mejor jugador del mundo con su físico y con lo serio responsable saludable en sus ejercicios Le quedan muchos años más en juventud plena
Wafi Enriko
Wafi Enriko 5 ай бұрын
He is a legend... 👍👍👍👍
ADEL RADWAN 5 ай бұрын
He will NEVER be the problem, the greatest of all time
Claro 90
Claro 90 4 ай бұрын
@King LM10 just talk and keep going more and more Ronaldo always be your problem we understand what is about
Sd10 4 ай бұрын
@joseph thogo true
Sd10 4 ай бұрын
@hello world true Ronaldo too He is creating trouble in the midfield and defense
Sd10 4 ай бұрын
@Mohamed Taieb Messi won more than Ronaldo in the last 3 years... Messi 9 trophies vs Ronaldo 4 trophies A pichichi, European Gold shoe and 2 Ballon dors
ok dude
ok dude 5 ай бұрын
@King LM10 and he is 2nd in goals scored in the league if anything the team is letting him down.
laskin riubn
laskin riubn 5 ай бұрын
The beast of 810 goals and 231 assists in 1115 games played. Fortunate to have lived in the era of the most decisive player of all time. THE BEAST.
1lovetiger 5 ай бұрын
CR7 the goals machine! What a legendary man. I haven’t see such a brilliant players who goals with such an elegance and perfection. It’s so amazing to watch him playing football. Bravo GOAT 🙌
Kazim Raza
Kazim Raza 5 ай бұрын
What a beast! Goal machine!
toijg avnnr
toijg avnnr 5 ай бұрын
He is a true definition of what human body is capable of doing
Rawiri 5 ай бұрын
Can’t deny this bloke, what a player. 37 years of age and still carving up.
Timmy Ggz tv
Timmy Ggz tv 5 ай бұрын
Ronaldo the🐐
Xtreme 5 ай бұрын
@Hudan Athoriq lol joking?
@Rayyan Amir he with his dogs and kids 😂
Amal Ta
Amal Ta 5 ай бұрын
@Dhimithrov VS 🤣❣️
Jameel Far
Jameel Far 5 ай бұрын
@Rayyan Amir go watch prime ronaldo espacially from season 2006-2009 constantly dribbling past player's he was way better dribbler at that time andcwau entertaining
The best human, professional and for me, an example! Congrats Cristiano, inspired with your strong, focus and discipline.
Jorge Levi
Jorge Levi 5 ай бұрын
muy extraña esa barrera en el tercer gol, da la impresión que fue un gol planeado por ambos equipos
Purify 5 ай бұрын
That save from De Gea at 2-2, was just as priceless as Ronaldo's hattrick
Luqman Al Kautsar
Luqman Al Kautsar 5 ай бұрын
What a performance!! I love Maguire
Nolly Great Movies
Nolly Great Movies 5 ай бұрын
There won't be a player like Cristiano Ronaldo in a long time. What a career he's having!! Viva Ronaldo!!
AdeenEdits ⚽️
AdeenEdits ⚽️ 3 ай бұрын
@elitistshit yes, ghost against arsenal, tottenham, chelsea.
chef today dj tomorrow
chef today dj tomorrow 5 ай бұрын
@Roshan Shihab in what ? Free kicks? Penalties? Long distance goals?
chef today dj tomorrow
chef today dj tomorrow 5 ай бұрын
@Sultana Ireen so it happen one day after the hatrick?
Clemilton John
Clemilton John 5 ай бұрын
Quero Assistir Todos os Jogos de Vitórias do Manchester United. Valleu.
Pratish Mulee
Pratish Mulee 5 ай бұрын
Free-kick was the best like the old times ❤️
Fullly_Ronny 5 ай бұрын
During that free kick i felt that young ronaldo was playing there😔♥️
Luis Vallejo
Luis Vallejo 5 ай бұрын
Bien aventurados los que tienen y tubieron posibilidad de verlo jugar desde en los estadios del mundo. Envidia de la buena.
Tcb bct again
Tcb bct again 5 ай бұрын
That free kick sure brings back memories
EX FLASH 5 ай бұрын
Billy santoso Halim
Billy santoso Halim 5 ай бұрын
Flashback alert 😍
Sugeng Suprianto
Sugeng Suprianto 5 ай бұрын
Yesss indeed... 👍
rosenpcj 5 ай бұрын
He is incredible. I wish he had become player (sometimes) manager just because he is the example of a superhero!!
SuperAbhinav09 5 ай бұрын
loads of love ❤ to Ronaldo the champion..long live legend that's all I could say:)
Chy Md Zulqarnain Mony
Chy Md Zulqarnain Mony 5 ай бұрын
Ronaldo's Goal was from 2008 I think...Same shot with same power❤️❤️❤️
Just Videos
Just Videos 2 ай бұрын
I am crying watching Ronaldo. I mean arent we going to miss him when he retires? I pray he plays for another 10 years.
Мистер Огонёчек
Мистер Огонёчек 5 ай бұрын
That's what we call a perfect hat trick...tap-in, header and a free-kick...
Sd10 4 ай бұрын
That free kick was almost a penalty 😅 The wall just moved away
Ammar Muawia
Ammar Muawia 5 ай бұрын
He scored the same exact hat-trick against bayern it was a header, a tap in, and a free kick it's insane
ColdEditsx 5 ай бұрын
@light wonder if your depressed or your just depressed lmao stop insulting messi he had nothing to do with this
edgar edgar
edgar edgar 5 ай бұрын
Solo la empujó
A. THOMAS 5 ай бұрын
The haters 😂🤣😅 by here
BHUTAN 5 ай бұрын
What a legend he it's our time to sit back and watch future player to see if they can break his record....kudos
michuUrNightmare 5 ай бұрын
imagine if he came back with the age 37 and play ManU team 2010/11 team for example. he would have scored 50+.
Cyberspace0-0 5 ай бұрын
The man is indeed a machine
ColdEditsx 5 ай бұрын
And it’s class from Ronaldo love how he waves his teamates to come celebrate with him. a GOAT act. There only 2 and it’s 🇦🇷=🇵🇹
Mithlesh Trivedi
Mithlesh Trivedi 5 ай бұрын
This man is a machine, that defines him right there! GOAT for me in football!
Sammy rocks
Sammy rocks 5 ай бұрын
@¡Visca Barça y visca Catalunya! 💙❤ Mbappe was already scoring goals before Messi came. But yes the impact would be there. Ronaldo is leading the young attack comprising of Elanga, Bruno, Sancho in a struggling ManU team which is already under a lot of pressure and that too in EPL.
Austin .J
Austin .J 5 ай бұрын
@Pratham Gaikwad yes you're right. But u can't fail to appreciate this performance
Pratham Gaikwad
Pratham Gaikwad 5 ай бұрын
People seriously on this thread needs to understand that football is not everything about goals
Austin .J
Austin .J 5 ай бұрын
@¡Visca Barça y visca Catalunya! 💙❤ 3 goals in a season🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Stripie Image
Stripie Image 5 ай бұрын
@¡Visca Barça y visca Catalunya! 💙❤ Uh badmind boy
mohcen Bdj
mohcen Bdj 5 ай бұрын
A legend stays a legend
okoye darlington
okoye darlington 5 ай бұрын
Living Legend🙌. So sorry about his son🙁
Cassie 5 ай бұрын
Maguire is The man of the match💪🏿😎 He'S scorpion kick is Unbelievable
bowen voowy
bowen voowy 5 ай бұрын
Maguire is The man of the match💪🏿😎 He'S scorpion kick is Unbelievable
user died
user died 5 ай бұрын
I am literally crying..This man is a phenomenal player football world ever get ...🙌
HermPlaysAlpha 5 ай бұрын
@Parth lmao 4-0 🤡
Blue Red Is My Heart
Blue Red Is My Heart 5 ай бұрын
@Vimal Raj 4-0 Vardrid 😂😂
Classic Rohan 5555 5 Manchester United Fan 🔴⚪
Classic Rohan 5555 5 Manchester United Fan 🔴⚪ 5 ай бұрын
Vimal Raj
Vimal Raj 5 ай бұрын
@Blue Red Is My Heart Frankfurt 😂
PES DON 5 ай бұрын
@HermPlaysAlpha ligue 1 teams r same Norwich 😂
Emily An
Emily An 5 ай бұрын
Just when i thought Ronaldo is finished. he pops a hat trick to prove me wrong yet again. Man is a legend
Divesh Jain
Divesh Jain 5 ай бұрын
The last goal was very well planned and executed!
Australian Truck Spotting
Australian Truck Spotting 5 ай бұрын
Absolute Legend !
محمد فیضان
محمد فیضان 5 ай бұрын
The last strike of the free kick was incredible...only ronaldo can score free kicks of amy one of his age ❤
Momo Diop
Momo Diop 5 ай бұрын
60th hat-trick 58th free-kick Just the GOAT
Classic Rohan 5555 5 Manchester United Fan 🔴⚪
Classic Rohan 5555 5 Manchester United Fan 🔴⚪ 5 ай бұрын
Ronaldo is a hero
Pro GamerYT
Pro GamerYT 5 ай бұрын
@Momo Diop its his 63th free kick
JALEEL SHAMIL 5 ай бұрын
@tryhard2failagain psg pessi 🤣
Timmy Ggz tv
Timmy Ggz tv 5 ай бұрын
Ronaldo the🐐
Pro GamerYT
Pro GamerYT 5 ай бұрын
@tryhard2failagain messi has 2 two goals in an ubers eats league lol even liga nos is better lol
Crazy Machines
Crazy Machines 5 ай бұрын
Lord Harry Maguire was defending like Sergio Ramos 🔥🔥 Can't unsee how he defended while match and he didn't let the ball go🥷💩
factos 18 сағат бұрын
not the goat tho
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss 5 ай бұрын
Maguire is The man of the match He'S scorpion kick is Unbelievable
SSALI FELIX 5 ай бұрын
This man is a GOAT for really
Afro happy
Afro happy 5 ай бұрын
This guys unbelievable, 37 and still banging in hatricks, living legend 💥💥💥
Classic Rohan 5555 5 Manchester United Fan 🔴⚪
Classic Rohan 5555 5 Manchester United Fan 🔴⚪ 5 ай бұрын
He needs to win trophies 🏆 as well
Simas 5 ай бұрын
@Varun "Messi has a lot of assists this season"🤡Since when did assists matter more then goals? Messi is fking finished, just accept it
Zee One
Zee One 5 ай бұрын
@Shubraj Singh No one is talking about Messi Your whataboutism is distracting you
Mr. Buttler
Mr. Buttler 5 ай бұрын
@Zee One pepsi can't even score against farmers
Shubraj Singh
Shubraj Singh 5 ай бұрын
@Zee One and what bout messi struggling to even score in the farmers league. A hattrick is a hattrick, it doesn't matter against which team it comes
pradeep dissanayake
pradeep dissanayake 5 ай бұрын
What a Strike..♥️ CR7..⚽️
Sanket 5 ай бұрын
1:58 look at the man behind 😂❤️
Marchmant gamers
Marchmant gamers 5 ай бұрын
Cr7 is just underrated but the truth is when we look at previous seasons he is indeed a goat 🐐 🙌 😎
Sd10 4 ай бұрын
@Jaguar XJ220 overrated yeah
Jaguar XJ220
Jaguar XJ220 5 ай бұрын
Underrated isn’t the right term to describe ronaldo.
Kitchen King
Kitchen King 5 ай бұрын
Arsenal fan here this man Ronaldo is different species what a player 👍🏾
Julio Rafael
Julio Rafael 5 ай бұрын
And how many memories in that Ronaldo's amazing freekick !
Ashraf M
Ashraf M 5 ай бұрын
Nopal pernambucano
Nopal pernambucano 5 ай бұрын
Atrik Roy
Atrik Roy 5 ай бұрын
Welcome back king this is called comeback feel sad for the little one 🙏💐
Wanderlust Abdullah
Wanderlust Abdullah 5 ай бұрын
Legend Ronaldo ❤
Lester Luna
Lester Luna 5 ай бұрын
Tap-in, header, free kick, CR7 at his best.
Nothing 5 ай бұрын
1:35 even im a liverpool fans this moment is the best ever such bring back memories ronaldo freekick at old trafford thats a rocket 🚀
xrrxy vvoi
xrrxy vvoi 5 ай бұрын
then they say cr7 is the problem
B Trippy
B Trippy 5 ай бұрын
That free kick brought back so many memories.
MERG Contracts
MERG Contracts 5 ай бұрын
Straight at the keeper to fluff 🤷🏻‍♂️
Kolla 5 ай бұрын
My favorite Ronaldo free kick was against Portsmouth.
90s Gen
90s Gen 5 ай бұрын
Cant imagine the club without him.
Hamdan 5 ай бұрын
@GABRIEL TITALEY yyyyyyyyyyyyy
agree to disagree 🤣✌
Александра Лебедева
Александра Лебедева 5 ай бұрын
Some players havnt scored 60 goals in thre football carrier let alone 60 hatricks! What an amazing player, what a legend he is.
Sudheer CS
Sudheer CS 4 ай бұрын
What a goal in the free-kick
Ibrahim Zulfiquar
Ibrahim Zulfiquar 5 ай бұрын
Legend CR7 ❤️
jilo kizito
jilo kizito 5 ай бұрын
The team might not win any trophy this season, but you can tell that the guy is happy. Happier than the way he was at Juve.Loved his passion! 5 ай бұрын
This man keeps proving that indeed he is the greatest of all time. I am very honored to have this opportunity to watch him play. Viva Ronaldo 🐐🐐🐐. We’ll truly never have anyone like Cristiano Ronaldo in the upcoming generations. I’m in awe of this phenomenal man. He’s 37 and has scored 15 goals this season in the toughest league. He will NEVER be the problem.
Kevin Watson
Kevin Watson 5 ай бұрын
@CHAOS please don't talk about lm30 here.
lun0x 5 ай бұрын
The problem is captain one of the worst purchases ever MU made is the maguire one, MU need to change the cap for the games varane/ronnie fit it well or Bruno is one of the best picks for the cap. Back like and dmf position lack at mu games
ben torelli
ben torelli 5 ай бұрын
out of all languages you chose to speak facts
Austin .J
Austin .J 5 ай бұрын
@Charles Darwin and what about pessi? He's playing against wheat growing farmer's and still can't score???
Noshal Hussain
Noshal Hussain 5 ай бұрын
The expression of man at 2:01 sums up our feelings.
FikriGaniad 5 ай бұрын
No look defense from maguire is legendary
José Medeiros
José Medeiros 5 ай бұрын
Great game. Well done.
shashikant kakade
shashikant kakade 5 ай бұрын
Every time he raises the bar so high that nobody can cross it except offcourse himself. I am really grateful for the fact that I am living in his prime time. He will be remembered for generations to come.
David Baca
David Baca 5 ай бұрын
Cristiano deserves to be the Captain of the team. He knows the club and knows how demanding it is, he is the path that the club has to follow to compete for titles again.
Kelvin Lau
Kelvin Lau 5 ай бұрын
@Mihir Joshi I agree. United does not deserve to have CR7 specially given the captain arm band to trash players like McGuire.
Timmy Ggz tv
Timmy Ggz tv 5 ай бұрын
Ronaldo the🐐
Xtreme 5 ай бұрын
lol most funny joke i heard after a long time 😂😂🤣
NN D 5 ай бұрын
​@Mundo Dos Games If United finishes top 4 he will stay, if not he will go. Probably Real, then maybe again Serie A, then PSG, when he is 44 he can join some lower side like Roma, Sevilla, or even back to Portugal. I think he will play unti he is 50 for sure. And possibly still scoring sometimes in CL.
FeelsBadMan n
FeelsBadMan n 5 ай бұрын
@Carlos Ortiz If he does that.. He will be hated more than Figo in the Football community.
023_ Yordanus A.D Rakuk
023_ Yordanus A.D Rakuk 5 ай бұрын
MOST incredible free kick this month our G.O.A.T CR7🔥
the man ,the myth ,the monster CR7
Relax Time
Relax Time 3 ай бұрын
He still make it 🔥
Yilobemo 5 ай бұрын
CR7 is Simply Brilliant. Love him
GrinqOfficial 5 ай бұрын
I was sitting and almost gonna turn off the TV until the freekick from Cristiano, I was screaming at the top of my lungs and celebrating it. The man was an absolute machine and yet saved us so many times at 37 years old, There wouldn't be a player like Cristiano anymore. 🐐
Devin Fonse
Devin Fonse 5 ай бұрын
How do you watching AT tv?
Destined For Greatness
Destined For Greatness 5 ай бұрын
@David McCallum And his literary 37 years old, so what’s your point?
TenderEU 5 ай бұрын
@David McCallum okay and messi has 2 goals in Ligue 1
Sandi KM
Sandi KM 5 ай бұрын
CR7 joss gandos... Is the best.. Selling Greenwood and maguire...
Ibeh Stanley300
Ibeh Stanley300 5 ай бұрын
Long live the king 👑 the best and the GOAT 🐐
Sudheer CS
Sudheer CS 4 ай бұрын
Perfect Goals in the hat trick
Heat Eit
Heat Eit 4 ай бұрын
Y'all seem to be forgetting De Gea heroics😭
Avani 5 ай бұрын
Haters will always compare him and troll him old or whatever but for me I haven't seen a saviour and match winner like him..his mindset is so strong even today
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